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Stretch Wrap

RipplePak’s renowned StretchPak system creates multi-use suspended packaging for protection of fragile equipment using a cardboard frame.

It is ideal for electronic equipment like monitors, flat screens, printers, computers and other electronic gadgets of different shapes and sizes.

EVA Stretch Packaging

Ripplepak’s stretch EVA packaging is ideal for the protection of smaller fragile items. This provides movement free packaging customized to fit into any size carton. This provides extra stability for SITUATIONS where regular bubble wrap will not provide adequate protection.

The EVA stretch fabric is a 4mm Ethyl Vinyl Acetate offering superior strength and exceptional elasticity available with cohesive or non-cohesive finish. This product is perfect for fragile smaller items including for the electronic, gift and ornament industries.

Ripplepak‘s stretch packaging is a unique combination of die cut cardboard and highly elastic EVA.

Benefits of Stretch Wrap for Packing

One needs to consider the safety of the shipment, therefore making it imperative to consider a wrapping material for it. Stretch wrap for packing has numerous benefits and is highly ideal for many products. Some of the benefits include:

  • Stretch wrap for packing minimizes any sort of shipping damage that can occur during the process. Usually, things are shipped in bulk and can graze against each other, leading to scratches and marks. This helps prevent that form of damage.
  • Stretch wrap for furniture is essential during shipment because it prevents moisture, dust, and humidity from seeping in and ruining the products during any shipment stage.
  • Stretch wrap for moving increases the packaging efficiency, and work productivity as it is super easy to wrap.
  • Stretch wrap for packing is also highly cost-efficient compared to other packaging forms because they take very little energy for wrapping and even during production when it comes to other similar wrapping forms.
  • This form of wrapping is also recyclable, so it helps reduce the waste in the environment, making it very eco-friendly.
  • Stretch wrap manufacturers offer different kinds of wraps, such as opaque, multi-colored, and even transparent ones depending on the needs of the client and the product that is being shipped.
  • Stretch wraps for furniture also help prevent UV damage. Usually, what happens is that the UV rays tend to damage the material that furniture is made out of, such as making their color fade. This wrapping form prevents that from occurring.
  • Stretch wraps for moving also reduce the space that is normally utilized by other forms of packaging. This allows more products to be shipped with less space taken.

Stretch wrap manufacturers understand what the requirements of their clients are and help them navigate and understand what kind of wrapping to provide. These wrappings are versatile and can be used for any product, including furniture, kitchen utensils, and more.

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