StretchPak & EVA StretchPak


StretchPak & EVA StretchPak

Stretch Wrap

RipplePak’s renowned StretchPak system creates multi-use suspended packaging for protection of fragile equipment using a cardboard frame.

It is ideal for electronic equipment like monitors, flat screens, printers, computers and other electronic gadgets of different shapes and sizes.

EVA Stretch Packaging

Ripplepak’s stretch EVA packaging is ideal for the protection of smaller fragile items. This provides movement free packaging customized to fit into any size carton. This provides extra stability for SITUATIONS where regular bubble wrap will not provide adequate protection.

The EVA stretch fabric is a 4mm Ethyl Vinyl Acetate offering superior strength and exceptional elasticity available with cohesive or non-cohesive finish. This product is perfect for fragile smaller items including for the electronic, gift and ornament industries.

Ripplepak‘s stretch packaging is a unique combination of die cut cardboard and highly elastic EVA.


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