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Packages in the pharmaceutical industry are not exactly fragile items in the traditional sense of the word. Packages are not fragile in the sense that glass ornaments are fragile, but these packages more often than not require a temperature-controlled environment for transportation or storage. As with general temperature-sensitive items, cold chain packaging is used that allows for constant maintenance and monitoring of the contents of the package. Items of the pharmaceutical industry are even more sensitive to the elements and need close monitoring and stricter maintenance. As a pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer, RipplePak manufactures a product called KITO BOX as part of its pharma packaging solutions.

What is KITO BOX?

It applies the technology of cold chain packaging to create a temperature-controlled packaging system. It is made from a corrugated box, fiber inserts, and gel-packs/finger-packs. These gel packs and finger-packs help maintain the temperature. It is specially designed to maintain a temperature range between 2°C to 8°C throughout storage or shipping. Plastic liners are also used, and they absorb any and all condensation, preventing the formation of mold or any spoiling of the contents within.

It is entirely recyclable and hypoallergenic. Besides thermal insulation, it contains inserts that protect the items inside from harsh or changing temperatures outside. These inserts cover all six sides of the package. Custom pharmaceutical packaging options offer complete customizations from the length to the thickness of the package. This ensures the packaging made fits the contents inside snugly and offers maximum protection and convenience.

As pharmaceutical packaging suppliers, understanding the needs of the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries is essential to providing the best pharma packaging solutions. The packaging is made to be environmentally friendly. It also meets all food grade requirements. It is made especially durable and lightweight for the greatest convenience and ease.

Pharmaceuticals Packaging Solution- Kito Box

For pharmaceutical industry cold-chain applications, we’ve designed and currently manufacture & supply the product called KITO BOX.

KITO BOX is a temperature-controlled recyclable packaging system, comprised of a corrugated box, fibre inserts and gel-packs/finger-packs, made specially for the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries and designed to maintain a controlled temperature range of 2°C to 8°C during storage and shipping.

  • Kito Box is 100% recyclable and hypoallergenic
  • two piece set customized to fit into the box,
  • inserts protects the contents against external temperature penetration
  • combination of finger-packs and gel-packs maintain the desired temperature (2°C to 8°C)
  • custom thicknesses and lengths available to meet specific time criteria
  • inserts cover all 6 sides within the carton
  • helps maintain desired temperature within the package during shipping so  contents do not spoil
  • plastic liner will not absorb condensation and is not conducive to forming mold
  • Non-toxic and meets food grade requirements
  • durable & lightweight
  • samples and pricing available upon request

Pharmaceutical cold chain packaging is a must for most pharmaceutical products. These products are often temperature-sensitive and require a consistent, temperature-controlled environment during transportation or storage. Without this type of packaging, pharmaceutical products can be damaged, rendering them ineffective. That’s why pharmaceutical packaging companies like RipplePak offer solutions like KITO BOX, a pharmaceutical cold chain packaging product that helps to maintain the efficacy of pharmaceutical products. If you’re looking for pharmaceutical packaging solutions that can protect your products from the elements, be sure to check out RipplePak’s KITO BOX.

Why is the Kito Box Beneficial For the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Kito Box is a versatile and durable pharmaceutical packaging solution that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your product. The two-piece box set includes an insert that protects the contents from external temperature penetration, while the combination of finger-packs and gel-packs maintain the desired shipping temperature (2°C to 8°C). The inserts cover all 6 sides within the carton, providing superior insulation against temperature fluctuations. In addition, the plastic liner will not absorb condensation and is not conducive to forming mold. Kito Box is 100% recyclable and hypoallergenic, making it a safe and environmentally-friendly option for your packaging needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you use to make custom pharmaceutical packaging?

Custom pharmaceutical packaging involves the use of various materials, depending on the application. For pharmaceutical cold chain packaging requirements, insulated plastics or foams are ideal for keeping sensitive products at optimal temperatures.

What type of pharma packaging solutions do you offer?

At Ripplepak, we specialize in temperature-controlled pharmaceutical cold chain packaging for products requiring extra protection during transit or storage. Our pharma packaging solutions are designed to meet all of the necessary regulations and standards, ensuring that your products reach their destination safely.

What are the benefits of Kito box in the pharmaceutical packaging industry?

Kito boxes provide a secure and tamper-evident form of pharmaceutical packaging, making them perfect for use in the pharmaceutical industry. By providing each Kito box with its own serial number, product integrity can be tracked from manufacture all the way through the supply chain.

What are the challenges of pharmaceutical packaging?

The pharmaceutical packaging industry faces a range of challenges, including product safety, cost-effectiveness and compliance with relevant regulations. As pharmaceutical products are delicate and sensitive, it is essential to ensure that the packaging chosen has proper protection against external factors such as moisture, light and oxygen.

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