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How to Pack for Maximum Protection

One of the biggest worries when shipping or storing any item is keeping it safe from the elements. This includes protecting the item from damage caused by a movement that can often be rough, cause breakage, or lead to wear and tear. If the product is to be packed for storage, the goal becomes preserving the item for as long as possible. Protective packaging in Ontario offers a range of ways to achieve this.

Packaging for fragile items involves using different types of raw materials and techniques. Some services offered as custom protective packaging manufacturers are:

Packaging for Fragile Items

Shock ad rough handling can be the biggest cause for breakage or damage of products. Regular bubble wrap rolls are ideal in that they are hugely elastic, hard to puncture, flexible, lightweight, easy to work with, and very cost-effective. Heavy-duty ½” bubble wraps provide an even bigger cushioning and protection for items that need even more care of the handling.

For electronic products or products of a similar nature, anti-static foam pouches protect the item inside from damage by electrostatic discharge (ESD). Even a protective paper packaging manufacturer knows how to expertly package a product to make sure the damage that it is susceptible to is avoided. Be it electronic equipment or extremely fragile items like delicate ornaments made of glass. There are cost effective and cheap options available that will ensure they are stored or shipped in a safe or protective way.


RipplePak came up with a multi-use system called StretchPak, renowned for its high quality, durable, and reliable packaging. It’s ideal for electronic equipment of any shape or size.

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