Insulated Pallet Covers

Insulated Pallet Covers

Protecting Your Cargo With Insulated Pallet Covers

Transporting or storing temperature-sensitive products can be challenging because they have a high risk of spoilage. Therefore, when transporting or storing temperature-sensitive products like food or pharmaceuticals, they must be stored in ways that prolong their lifespan. Based on this, many businesses rely on insulated pallet covers for transporting their products through unregulated temperatures.

What Are Insulated Pallet Covers?

Insulated pallet covers help regulate the temperature of goods and products while in storage or transportation. They help perishable products in storage or transit maintain their freshness and quality. Manufacturers and suppliers often use these thermal pallet covers for shipping materials such as food products, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Insulated Pallet Covers

How Thermal Pallet Covers Works?

Insulated pallet covers work by stabilizing the temperature of the products they are used to protect. They do this by trapping the product’s warmth to keep them above the freezing point for long durations. Pallet covers have a foil layer which creates a barrier to prevent cold or heat from getting to the products. The foil layer minimizes temperature variations by reflecting the sunlight on hot days. Pallet covers work for high temperatures during the summer and low temperatures during the winter.

Thermal Pallet Covers

Why Use Thermal Pallet Covers?

Insulated pallet blankets are used in different industries for several applications. Interestingly, each industry uses them for separate reasons. However, the most common benefits of using insulated pallet blankets include:

  • They are easy to use
  • Insulated pallet blankets are reusable
  • They are environmental-friendly
  • Thermal pallet blankets come in standard shapes
  • They are cost-effective
  • They protect goods from extreme weather conditions
  • Things To Consider When Buying Insulated Pallet Covers

There are basic things to look out for when buying insulated pallet covers. Some of the key things to check when purchasing pallet covers include durability, ease of use, and insulation capacity. Buyers should also check for reusable pallet covers, ensuring that they can use their pallet covers severally and save some money. 

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  • When products are transported there is not always the facility to place the goods undercover for the entire period, and many products are susceptible to damage from heat extremes and direct sunlight.
  • Thermal pallet covers may be used on cargo pallets for temperature-sensitive products to provide a radiant barrier for short-term protection against low duration exposure to extreme heat. They are valuable as a precaution if products are temporarily exposed to direct sunlight, for instance, on the apron at the airport or while waiting to be loaded on a truck. They protect the products from solar spikes and variations in temperature, helping to maintain quality and freshness.
  • Pricing available upon request
  • Custom sizes available
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