Gel Ice Packs & Finger Ice Packs


Gel Ice Packs & Finger Ice Packs
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RippleGel Gel Ice Packs

• Safe, reusable & 100% recyclable
• Non-toxic, food grade gel and recyclable packaging film
• Available in custom sizes and weights
• High viscosity of our gel promotes slower leakage should the package film become punctured

RipplePak Finger Ice Packs

• Eco friendly – 100% recyclable.
• Non-toxic, safe.
• Ships and freezes in rolls.
• Shipped rolls of 300 “fingers”
• Requires less storage.
• Made in Canada.
• Perforated for ease of tearing to required weight/size.
• Perforated every 5 “fingers”
• Maintains desired temperature throughout the shipping period.
• Slows down external temperature penetration.
• More efficient than same weight ice pack due to being able to coil around products.
• Samples and pricing available upon request.

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