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What are Ice Packs for Shipping and Packaging?

Ice gel packs for shipping are used to store foods, beverages, and anything that requires to be stored at a lower temperature. These ice packs for shipping and packaging are designed with non-toxic compounds that allow edibles to be transported with them without any hassle.

How Are Gel Packs for Shipping Made?

Gel pack manufacturers often use high viscosity gels that do not spill on the products when leaked accidentally. These gel packs for shipping are filled in durable plastics that do not rip easily when the package is being moved around.

How to Use Ice Packs for Shipping and Packaging?

The use is rather simple. These gel packs for shipping need to be stored at cool temperatures before use. Once the gel in the ice packs for shipping and packaging has retained the coolness, they are then packed into the storage boxes along with the product that needs to be kept cool. The gel packs for shipping can keep the product cool for several days. One can even ask the ice pack manufacturer for more details about how to use them in the right way.

What Makes Gel Packs for Shipping Different from Dry Ice Packs?

Ice Packs for Shipping and Packaging are known to last longer than dry ice packs. This makes them very ideal for shipments that may take a span of days to arrive at the destination. Furthermore, with Ice Packs for Shipping and Packaging, one can ship products such as medications that may get destroyed due to the extreme temperatures of dry ice packs. One can consult an ice pack manufacturer about which is the right choice if a person is still unsure what kind of Ice Packs for Shipping and Packaging would be suitable for their perishable products.

RipplePak Gel Ice Packs

  • Safe, reusable & 100% recyclable
  • Non-toxic, food grade gel and recyclable packaging film
  • Available in custom sizes and weights
  • High viscosity of our gel promotes slower leakage should the package film become punctured

RipplePak Finger Ice Packs

  • Eco friendly – 100% recyclable
  • Non-toxic, safe.
  • Ships and freezes in rolls
  • Shipped rolls of 300 “fingers
  • Requires less storage
  • Made in Canada
  • Perforated for ease of tearing to required weight/size
  • Perforated every 5 “fingers”
  • Maintains desired temperature throughout the shipping period
  • Slows down external temperature penetration
  • More efficient than same weight ice pack due to being able to coil around products
  • Samples and pricing available upon request
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