Fibre Liners

Fibre Liners

When it comes to insulated fiber liners, it’s vital to consider eco-friendly options that are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Reusable fiber liners offer effective thermal performances and have the ability to significantly reduce the costs of transportation, especially for frozen goods.

Insulated Fiber Inserts

Fiber liner manufacturers understand the needs of the customers, which is why they curate non-toxic packaging insulated fiber inserts that cover all six sides of the carton, effectively insulating the whole box. If used in warehouses, the insulated fiber inserts can be reused multiple times, cutting down the cost of buying packaging material.

Fiber liner suppliers also pay special heed to the material used for insulated fiber box liners. By using polyethylene, the insulated fiber inserts are not only reusable but also offer zero absorption of external moisture, which in turn prevents the establishment of bacterial culture and mold.

fiber liners

Benefits of Insulated Fiber Inserts

Tailored to be durable and lightweight, insulated fiber box liners take up minimal space within the boxes, providing more space for storage. Furthermore, the reusable fiber inserts can be made more effective when used with Gel Packs designed by our company. While the reusable fiber liners offer cushion and protection from external moisture, the gel packs would optimize and regulate the temperature within the box without affecting the internal moisture content.

Insulated Fiber Inserts

Things to Keep in Mind While Using Insulated Fiber Inserts

  • Fiber liners work best when used with other packaging products
  • They should be reused whenever possible
  • Ensure that the boxes/containers are lined on all six sides for maximum protection

Protect Your Products Through Us

As a fiber liners manufacturer, RipplePak is constantly striving to improve the performance of packaging that it offers to its clients, which is why we also provide custom insulated fiber box liners that can fit boxes and containers of every shape, size, and dimension. Our customers can also suggest customized thickness depending on the fragility of their product. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your product during shipment. We have you covered.

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RipplePak is a packaging company that understands all your needs and is happy to assist you with all your packaging concerns and questions. Contact us today for more information on insulated fiber inserts. We’ll gladly answer all your concerns, and we also offer samples and pricing upon request.

  • Made from Polyethylene Fibre
  • Two piece set customized to fit any carton size
  • The inserts protects the contents against external temperature penetration
  • Custom thicknesses and lengths available to meet specific time criteria
  • Designed to be shipped flat in stackable cartons for maximum space utilization
  • The inserts cover all 6 sides within the carton
  • Helps maintain desired temperature within the carton from shipping to destination so that the contents arrives fresh
  • Being polyethylene, it will not absorb condensation nor will it mold in a damp environment
  • Non-toxic and meets food grade requirements
  • Recyclable
  • For maximum effectiveness must be used with Ripplepak’s Gel Packs
  • Durable & Lightweight
  • Samples and Pricing available upon requests


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