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Many of our standard items such as bubble wrap rolls and ice packs are constantly being produced and ready to ship, depending on required quantities. However, we are a custom made-to-order manufacturer and we focus on providing customers with solutions that fit their exact needs.

All orders are to be in writing. You may issue a purchase order or provide an e-mail request. Every time you order, we will send a confirmation e-mail stating your order was received and is being processed. You may also visit our online store at Shop.Ripplepak.com and order many of our items online.

Minimum order quantity will be provided when the specifics of what you require is received.

All estimates are FOB Ripplepak. Should you require the order to be shipped, we will engage a third-party shipper. All shipping fees are passed on to the customer.

Our lead time varies depending on the material, product variety and quantity required. Our products typically require a two-week lead time, from date order confirmed to date ready for collection.

Lead time for truckload or larger quantities will be provided prior to order confirmation should this be required.

Because all our products are custom made and manufactured to our customers’ needs, we cannot accept returns.

All of our products are produced in our Markham, Ontario, Canada facility.

All of our raw materials are procured from Canada and United States.

RipplePak Gel and Finger Packs – Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on the insulation used in your shipping box and the amount of space that is used up in the container. The amount of Gel Packs & Finger Packs used also will make a big difference.

The Gel Packs protect almost anything that needs to have a constant temperature for a specific period of time. These gel packs should not be used alone for products requiring temperature maintenance of below 0° Celsius, but they can be used to extend the performance of dry ice etc. when used together. They also make a great first aid item for bumps and bruises, headaches, etc. Great for picnics and road trips.

Yes, they can be thawed and re-frozen many times.

Gel Packs & Finger Packs come in several weights and sizes. The size & number required varies according to the length of time the carton remains in transit, the type of insulation used as well as the makeup of the contents.

If a cell gets punctured and some gel leaks out, don’t worry. The gel is food grade and absolutely non-toxic and will do no harm, simply rinse it off with water and dispose of as instructed.

Our Gel Packs are filled with a non-toxic food grade solution. You can re-use them for a picnic or in a lunch box. Once you’re finished, melt the ice packs, cut open the bags, pour the non-toxic solution down the drain/toilet (using water to further dissolve the gel), and recycle the plastic pouch.

All frozen products should be carefully handled. If the Gel Packs & Finger Packs have been in contact with extreme cold (e.g. dry ice) it will maintain that extreme temperature for a time and should be handled with the same care as any similarly cold item.

Any refrigerant will last longer if more are used. The more Gel Packs & Finger Packs you put in the container to keep your drinks/food cold, the longer they will remain cold. We recommend that you conduct your own tests.

No. As all our product is custom made to our customers specific requirements, we do not have any inventory of finished goods. We focus on providing our customers with what they need not what we have.

Yes, once we have had a chance to determine our customers’ specific requirements, we will prepare samples to meet those needs.

No, all products are quoted as FOB Ripplepak unless otherwise discussed. We recommend that our customers make their own arrangements to collect the completed order. Should our customer require delivery, we use a third-party trucking company and will pass the delivery cost to the customer

Unfortunately not, as all of our products are custom made in accordance with our customers’ specific needs.


All of our products are produced at our plant in Markham, Ontario, Canada.


Our general terms with new customers are COD unless otherwise discussed. We accept Credit cards, EFT payments or cheques.


The minimum quantity requirements will be provided when we have the specifics of what you require. Note that the unit pricing is determined by the quantity purchased as well as whether continued business is anticipated.


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