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Ripplepak provides foam packaging techniques that encase the item in a customized molding to hold it securely in place within a container. Ripplepak possesses the ability to die-cut foam to our customer’s unique specifications.

This method is utilized for packaging fragile products and components, including electronics, decorative lamps, vases, porcelain, medical equipment, furniture, and other industries requiring a form-fitting lightweight hard packaging system.

What Are the Benefits of Die Cutting Packaging?

Die cutting packaging has numerous benefits:
  • Die cutting packaging is known to be lightweight. They do not take up a lot of the weight of the overall package, therefore reducing the cost of delivery.
  • Custom die-cut foam packaging can be easily customized and molded into the shape of the product. Each die-cutting packaging can have a unique shape according to the product being packaged.
  • Using custom die-cut foam packaging for supplies helps in the protection of fragile material. Despite being lightweight, it is extremely durable and prevents the product inside the package from moving around during shipment and delivery.
  • Because it is so durable, the die cutting packaging also offers protection, especially during the stacking of packages. The custom die cut foam packaging provides resistance against pressure which is added when the shipment is in bulk.

What Options Do Die Cut Packaging Manufacturers Have to Offer?

Die cut packaging manufacturers usually provide two major kinds of custom Die Cut Foam Packaging to choose from, closed cell and open cell. Closed-cell die-cutting packaging is ideal for completely encapsulating the package to prevent any type of fluid or gas from entering and reaching the product that it is enclosing. In contrast, open-cell die-cutting packaging is softer than its counterpart, but is resilient, provides a cushion for the products, returns to its original shape, and can be manufactured in any density required.
These open cell and closed cell custom die-cut foam packaging are produced from different materials. Some of these include:
  • Polyethylene
  • Expanded Polystyrene Foam
  • Polyurethane Foam
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