Corrugated Liners

Corrugated Liners

What Are The Main Types Of Corrugated Liners?

Corrugated packaging is among the most explored packaging options available. This is because they are designed to be lightweight, yet they are strong and versatile materials. Corrugated cardboard or corrugated fiberboards are packaging materials made from cellulose fibers. They are formed into packaging structures by one or more corrugated elements known as fluting or medium. The medium is attached to a few flat elements called corrugated liners with the aid of adhesives.

Types Of Corrugated Materials

There are several types of corrugated materials, as they are available in a variety of strengths and thicknesses. However, corrugated packaging is classified based on the number of medium and corrugated cardboard inserts used in the corrugated board. Most corrugated materials are made up of two or more facing layers of liners, with corrugated medium sandwiched between them. But corrugated materials can also be a single sheet that combines one sheet of linerboard. Based on this, corrugated materials can be

  • Triple-wall corrugated materials
  • Double-wall corrugated materials
  • Single-wall corrugated materials
  • Single-face corrugated materials
Corrugated Liners
Kraft Liners Packaging The Different Types Of Corrugated Liners 

Many types of corrugated packaging are identical to each other. However, they are made from different materials. The type of corrugated inserts used to produce a corrugated package can significantly affect its properties. Here are the common types of corrugated liners used in making corrugated packaging.

  • Kraft Liners
  • Test Liners
  • Chip Liners
Kraft Liners

Kraft liners are one of the most used corrugated liners for making corrugated materials. They consist of about 70% to 80% virgin chemical pulp fiber, making them very strong and stiff. Based on this, Kraft liners are considered the top material grade for making corrugated materials.

Test Liners

Test liners are another type of corrugated insert used for making corrugated packaging materials. They are not as strong as Kraft liners because they have a higher recycled fiber content. But they are still effective for making durable corrugated packaging materials.

Chip Liners

Chip liners are corrugated cardboard inserts mostly made of uncontrolled recycled materials. They are not as common as the Test or Kraft liners. They are also not as high in quality as the other two types of liners.

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