Corners And End Caps

Corners And End Caps

When packaging furniture, there are various factors to consider. One of the primary aspects that need to be kept in mind is the corners. Furniture corners are not only susceptible to the most damage but can also be dangerous for those assisting in the transportation of the furniture.

Corrugated End Caps and Corner Blocks

There’s no doubt that accidents are inevitable, which is why it’s essential to use effective corner blocks for packaging that allow for the transportation of furniture with minimal deterioration to the furniture or the safety of those moving it. Our corrugated end caps are designed to efficiently fit square and right-angled sections of furniture and other products that are prone to scratches and abrasion.


Benefits of Corrugated End Caps and Corner Blocks

End caps for furniture packaging have the ability to stabilize the product by taking the brunt of the damage in case of any collision or impact during transportation. There’s an array of customized square end caps that match the size, shape, and dimension of your products. That way, you’re able to preserve your product and transport it seamlessly.

The corrugated cardboard blocks provided by us are sturdy and able to withstand bulk pressure even when furniture is stacked on top of each other. Furthermore, they effectively provide a gap that alleviates the pressing weight of heavy products in order to minimize the friction during transport.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Using Corner Blocks

  • Ensure that the caps fit your products
  • For glossy surfaces, it’s best to use corner blocks with wraps
  • Best to reuse corner caps whenever possible

Protect Your Products Through Us

Our company understands that there’s nothing more important for our clients than to ensure their products are delivered without any hitch. This is why we’re constantly striving to create perfect packaging products. Our packaging is not only effective in protecting the products but also consumes less space so that maximum delivery of products is possible.

Along with corrugated corners for packaging, we also offer wraps that work effectively to protect large and bulky products.

RipplePak is a packaging company that understands all your needs and is happy to assist you with all your packaging needs. Contact us today for more information on corrugated corners for packaging. We’re here to answer all your concerns and we also offer samples and pricing upon request.

These items consist of heavy-duty corrugated or honey combed cardboard, designed for square and right angled designs.

Packaging for furniture requires non-scratch material to be backed against the glossy surface of the furniture. It must be capable of stabilizing the packaged item during shipping, strong enough to alleviate the pressure of the furniture and to support the items stacked on it.

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