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Cold Chain Packaging

Certain products, items, or equipment are sensitive to temperature. To transport them securely and in the desired condition, the temperature needs to be maintained and monitored throughout transportation by using Temperature Controlled Packaging. This might seem tricky, but Temperature Controlled Packaging manufacturers are able to achieve this easily.

Some of the types of cold chain packaging solutions offered are:

How to Choose Cold Packaging Supplies

Often, choosing the right packaging solution requires understanding the level of protection that is needed. Generally, bubble foil insulation manufacturers know how to provide sufficient thermal insulation, protection from outside temperatures, and protect the item from changing temperatures while in transit. Usually, bubble foil insulation is ideal and works great for food items.

If the item inside needs to be kept cold for long periods of time, expert cold chain packaging manufacturers RipplePak produces customized Gel-Packs. The reflective properties of these Gel-Packs keep the item cold for a long period of time. These Gel Ice Packs or Finger Ice Packs are environmentally friendly and free from any toxins, making them perfectly suitable for food items. The gel used is also highly viscous. In the case of a puncture, leakage is extremely slow.

Liners are also a good option. There are three main variations available: fiber liners, cellulose liners, and corrugated liners. They are lightweight, durable, and meet all food-grade requirements. Corrugated liners are bound to do the trick with food that needs to arrive fresh to its destination. Cellulose fibers and fiber liners also work great to keep any food items fresh for at least 48 hours. Fiber liners can be customized to any length or thickness to meet specific requirements as well.

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