Bubble Wrap

Regular Bubble Wrap Rolls

The polyethylene air filled bubbles absorb shock, reduces vibrations and defies rough handling. Bubble wrap is ideal for shipping or storing fragile items. Features include superb elasticity, puncture resistance, flexibility, ease of handling and great pricing.

Bubble wrap’s lightweight construction reduces shipping costs. RipplePak’s heavy duty bubble wrap retains its cushioning properties.

RipplePak’s bubble wrap is available in 48” rolls either in 3/16”, 5/16” or 1/2″ thick. Available in either slit, perforated, adhesive or cohesive format. Also available with paper (pabble), metalized, corrugated and cloth backing.

RipplePak has the ability to create custom bubble pouches and pillow packs in sizes to suit your requirements at very affordable pricing.

Heavy Duty 1/2″ Bubble Wrap

This is the strongest bubble wrap available on the market. It is three times stronger than regular bubble wrap.

The bubbles provide maximum protection through their unparalleled ability to stand up to pressure and mishandling.


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