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A division of Uthane Research Ltd, RipplePak Ltd. is a technology-oriented company based in Toronto that specializes in industrial packaging. The company was established by Mr. Ragui Ghali in 1976 with the objective to develop and to commercialize new technologies in the fields of packaging, insulation and plastic.

Smart Designs, State-Of-The-Art Products

At RipplePak, we believe that our continued success is due to our dedication to provide innovative, quality packaging and insulation products and professional services to our customers, including:

When you deal with RipplePak, we make it a point to enhance your products’ quality thanks in part to the best protection solutions designed for transport and storage. We offer a wide variety of packaging and shipping products and services that suit a countless number of applications.

The World of Packaging Supplies in Canada

RipplePak specializes in industrial packaging and has been around for decades to offer new and innovative solutions to the process of safely moving products. The company employs the touch of technology to handle every product’s specific design and needs expertly. It was founded by a chemical engineer whose expert knowledge of thermodynamics allowed him to come up with innovative methods of using the right raw materials for the most effective packaging solutions.

When moving items, the primary goal becomes its safe arrival to its destination. Often, even the most well-packed item can end up in pieces. Professional Packing Companies in Toronto work to ensure this is avoided by offering services that include packaging supplies in Canada. Whether the packed product will be shipped or stored, packing manufacturers offer every solution, from industrial packing supplies to cold chain solutions.

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging manufacturing companies offer solutions that help companies or individuals refer to a wide variety of styles, shapes, and packaging designs. Custom package manufacturing companies allow an individual or company to choose the kind of impression they would like their packaging to make. After all, before the product inside is revealed, the package makes the first impressions, and first impressions are thought to be the last impressions for a reason. Custom package manufacturing companies give way for individuality and creativity without sacrificing effectiveness and functionality.

Technology has allowed for a great number of innovative ways of packaging, including:

Each offers its unique look, but most importantly, it promises varying ways and degrees of security depending on the product being packaged. It’s all about understanding the product that is being packaged.

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